Presentation of the World’s First Clevetura Intuitive Keyboard, the Prestigio Click&Touch
Presentation of the World's First Clevetura Intuitive Keyboard, the Prestigio Click&Touch

Where: Event space Prizma, 22 Brovki Str., Minsk

: June 13, 2019 at 3 pm

What: A team of developers from the Belarusian High Tech Park is proud to present a revolutionary technology which embeds a touchpad and mouse directly on a keyboard to provide users an intuitive experience on a wide range of devices. With sensors built into the keyboard, it works as a large touchpad and is easy to use for typing, cursor control, scrolling and managing multiple windows. The Prestigio Click&Touch allows the user to perform several operations simultaneously and dramatically improves productivity and ease of use.

Launched by the Belarusian startup Clevetura LLC, the project attracted an investor who would soon start mass production and international sales. The upcoming presentation in Minsk will focus on the technology and innovative device as well as plans for global development.

Guests of the event will have an opportunity to:
  • Test the keyboards embedded touchpad and mouse.
  • Discover the plans for mass production and global market entry.
  • Learn about the Belarusian startup evolution.
  • Talk to the developers, investor and Belarusian High Tech Park management

All costs related to the flight, accommodation in downtown Minsk and transfers will be covered by the organiser.

Please note that the information contained in this letter is confidential and should not be disclosed until June 13, 2019 (15:00).

For participation, please, contact:
+375 44 793 96 67
+375 44 533 70 81

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