Touch on Keys
Innovative technology for input devices by Clevetura
The keys are still pressable
Gestures that you know
One finger for mouse, two fingers for scroll, pinch for zoom, etc.

Type and touch without any lag at all. Clevetura recognises your intention

One working surface. You donʼt need to move your hand to other place
The first product with Clevetura
Prestigio Click&Touch
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touch sensor
See what it can

See what it can do
Control a cursor with one finger as on regular touchpad. Click with a tap.
Keys are pressable, so you feel while typing. You can type fast or use blind typing. Keys travel is 1.5mm with a reliable scissors mechanics.
When you need to type – just press the keys, when you need to scroll or move a cursor – make a regular gesture. Clevetura provides seamless experience, blurring the line between keyboard and touchpad.
Auto Intuitive
keyboard system
Scroll with a familiar two fingers gesture. Vertical and horizontal scroll works for sure.
Prestigio Click&Touch specs
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This is unique in its operation compared to other devices, such as laptops or keyboards which use an external touch panel.
Switching between modes is automatic, with a built-in microcontroller instantly recognising and processing every touch and stroke.
A separate touch panel is not needed for a keyboard, as the keys perform its functions for you.
Сompanies that use Clevetura technology
Clevetura can be integrated into other devices
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