by Clevetura

What if keyboard is a big touchpad
Benefits of TouchOnKeys
Improve productivity
No need to move hand from keyboard to mouse/touchpad. Saves focus and time *
* Based on our research PC user spends 3-5 working days per year on moving hand from keyboard to mouse
Saves space — removes touchpad
New design possibilities for laptops
No learning required
1. Pressable keys
2. Gestures are the same as on the touchpad
3. Intuitive switching between touchpad and keyboard modes
The keys are still pressable
Production ready
and easy to integrate
First product with TouchOnKeys™ is in mass production stage. Keyboard module with TouchOnKeys™ is 4.2-4.65mm thick and supports I2C/SPI/USB
Use cases
0.5s per transfer from keyboard
to mouse/touchpad. 3 transfers per minute. 180 transfers per hour. 21600 transfers per month (120 working hours).
36 working hours per year
Reliable industry approved scissors mechanism with 1.2mm stroke
Control the cursor with one finger, scroll with two fingers, zoom with pinch… — we utilise familiar pattern from touchpad
When you need typing — just type, when you need cursor — just make a gesture with one finger, TouchonKeys™ will recognise all your intentions, no need to press any special buttons
Contact us about integration inquiries
and detailed information about TouchOnKeys™
3 aspects of TouchOnKeys
Keys are pressable, so you feel while typing. You can type quickly or use touch typing. Keys travel is 1.5mm with a reliable scissors mechanics
In a touch mode we use the same gestures as on a touchpad. Control a cursor with one finger as on regular touchpad. Click with a tap
When you need to type — just press the keys, when you need to scroll or move a cursor — make a regular gesture. TouchOnKeys™ provides seamless experience, blurring the line between keyboard and touchpad
Touchpad + keyboard =


World's First Touchpad Keyboard with Touch on Keys™ by Clevetura
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Save space. Reuse space

TouchOnKeys™ also is a very good fit for: Dual screen laptops, 2-in-1 laptops and tablets