We are an innovative company that develops TouchOnKeys® technology

We design keyboard module with embedded touch sensor, provide firmware/software and prepare/support mass production.
Red Dot Design Award
Second generation is available for design!
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World's First laptop with TouchOnKeys®
World's First Touchpad Keyboard with Touch on Keys® by Clevetura
Second Gen Keyboard with TouchOnKeys®
Clevetura App
What's new: added new finger gestures, infinite scroll, fixed minor bugs
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This is unique in its operation compared to other devices, such as laptops or keyboards which use an external touch panel.
The system determines the nature of the actions, and the user doesn't have to think about which mode is currently active. That's the uniqueness of the system that provides intuitive interaction with the device and new user experience.
The keyboard itself is the sensor pad. When you're typing, nothing special happens. When you swipe over the surface of the keys, however, the pointer immediately starts moving. Move it to the point you want to click, make a light touch (without pressing an actual key!), and that's a "left-click". A two finger touch performs the role of a "right-click".
You even have gesture support for multimedia controls. You can control the playback and the volume by simply swiping across the function keys at the top of the keyboard.
Interestingly, the keyboard displays a blue light at the top when it is in keyboard mode, and a green light when it is in touchpad mode. The switch is essentially instantaneous.
... is different; it's unique, the first of its kind. It is a keyboard, whose keys also double as a functional trackpad. When you press your digits on the keys, they behave like any other keyboard. But then when you drag and slide your finger across the keys, the mouse arrow moves along with your finger.