Prestigio Click&Touch
World's First Touchpad Keyboard
84% of the surface — multi-touch panel with gesture support
The scissor mechanism is the most reliable in the world, giving an unprecedented feeling of pressing
Lightweight ergonomic body-easy to hold with one hand on the weight and carry with you
Control a cursor with one finger as on regular touchpad. Click with a tap.
Keys are pressable, so you feel while typing. You can type fast or use blind typing. Keys travel is 1.5mm with a reliable scissors mechanics.
Scroll with a familiar two fingers gesture. Vertical and horizontal scroll works for sure.
Use a simple touch to simulate a mouse click
Move up/down with two fingers to scroll the page
Pinch two fingers to zoom in or zoom out the content
Zoom in or out
Use familiar gestures
Up to 5 devices at the same time
USB Type C
When turned on for the first time, works using the USB-C interface. Attach the wire for PC work or keyboard charging
Connect the dongle to USB and work wireless with any gadget
Three Bluetooth channels that allow devices to be connected to each of them (F1, F2, F3)
Mobile application
Link to app in AppStore
Link to app in Google Play
Update firmware and customize the keyboard
Quick settings
Change mouse speed: press Fn+S+plus/minus keys
Change scroll direction: press Fn+B keys
Change layouts for different OS': press Fn+Q(Win), Fn+W(MacOS), Fn+E(Android)
Reset to factory settings: press Fn+Delete keys
Device dimensions
Length: 283 mm / Width: 132 mm / Height: 16 mm
Keyboard mass — 307 gr.
Additional modes
To click — put the finger on the keyboard and press space (click).
To double click — put two fingers on the keyboard and press space (context menu).
To open the page in a new tab (same as pressing the mouse wheel), place 3 fingers on the keyboard and press space (middle click).
"Space Click"
System requirements
Windows 7 and higher
Mac OS
Android 6.0 and higher
Vendor core - PSKEY1SGRU
"Scissors" key mechanism
Operating frequency — 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth 4.2 / USB-receiver / USB-C cable
Signal distance up to 10 meters
Connectors — 1 USB type C/A connector
Case material — ABS plastic
Warranty — 1 year
Tech specs
Prestigio Click&Touch
World's First Touchpad Keyboard
When you need to type a text — simply press the keys and type. When you need to scroll or move the cursor — simply make a gesture. Clevetura allows for seamless work, erasing the difference between keyboard and touchpad.